Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I was asked a very good question today, what do I do to relax? What do I do in a day that is just for me? That brings me calm, a moment of quiet, a bit of zen. And the answer?

Not much.

How sad is that? I never fully realized it until just now. I think I am taking time for me but I am always multi-tasking at the same time. Us Moms are very good at that.

Or worse, as mentioned in this post, my idea of relaxing is dependant on a having some wine, which sabotoges my plans do to yoga or go for a run.

So now I am thinking...what can I do to relax? How can I find time for ME while caring for Claire? This is very hard to do now as we no longer live with family. In this new house, when Ryan is away on a business trip, I am truly alone with Claire. I havent made any friends yet, Claire isnt in daycare, it's a lot to juggle.

Caring for Claire
Cleaning the house
running errands
running a home business
grabbing a shower when I can

But relax? Not much of that happening. I am happy, I love my life and my new home, but I know I need to practice more self-care.Usually when I sit down to relax, I am beading a necklace for my shop. I find beading very relaxing, I love doing it, but again it's not JUST FOR ME.

What do you do to relax? Do you take time for yourself every day?


  1. I joined a gym recently, take my kids with me to play in the kiddie care. They love it. I go sit in the sauna, take a yoga class or go for a walk on the treadmill. Helps me have some time to myself a couple times a week!

    1. I was thinking of doing the same actually! The community centre up the street offers that!

  2. Between work and play (online) and getting outside into our woods, I know I have the time in RELAXing in-between every now-and-then -- and having no children as of yet, just three dogs and three cats that are my babes that I tend to as kids, and little time with my husband due to the hours we work, hardly have enough time spending with him, let alone mySELF!

    I'd written on one of my blogs recently about how I'd have to go about 'Making that Time' spending alone. I discovered that when you really love something and know it's good for you, you're able to squeeze it in the day sometime -- even if it starts out being just ten minutes of the day to begin with! -- when finding that same time every day to commit yourself to doing it, and 'make' that time available for JUST FOR ME time!

    My biggest form of RELAXing is taking that well-needed 'cat-nap' during the day, often before I go into work, or just when my body calls me to sleep for a little bit during the day. One or three of our animals usually end up snuggling with me, and that usually makes me more relaxed. I love being outside, we live in the woods, so I love relaxing out there as well with the plants and trees as well.

    The goal as of recently is making and finding that time in getting back to mySELF in Solitude Meditation and working with crafts and arts and writing once again. I seem to find the time typing Blogs or being online relaxing, but the one thing I'd love working on right now is getting into Art Journaling, I love hand-written work, and know that painting/sketching is in it in the skies for me starting this new adventurous Journey -- which in doing these things individually many years ago, I remember, has always brought back a RELAXING Time for just Me to indulge in xo.

    ~Shami )O(

    1. Thank you for sharing! I find crafts to be very relaxing, especially bead work. I love LOVE art journaling and used to do it a lot! I should do a blog post on that actually. It is very healing