Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BoHo in the City

This is the first post in what I hope to make a regular series on this blog: BoHo in the City. I dream of living on a farm in a small town, preferably the Sunshine Coast, but alas that cannot be for us (at least not right now) so I make the most out of where I live. Where do I live? In Surrey, BC, Canada, a HUGE city. I am from North Vancouver which is a fair sized city but it is quiet and full of nature. The home we lived in prior to this move was beneath the mountains, surrounded by parks and trees, and we had regular visits from deer, raccoons, skunks, bears, and lots of birds. It was a lot easier to escape into nature there. Here in Surrey, its a bit more of a challenge but thankfully there are lots of parks, lots of farms, and lots of time for Claire and I to wander and explore together.

You can't escape nature, she is everywhere. Even here in the big city! Surrey may be a mega-city but it is also surrounded by farmland, kind of ironic but I am thankful for it! Claire and I go for regular adventures and yesterday we went blackberry picking! My new neighborhood is full of blackberry bushes. Claire sat in her stroler in the sun, babbling away to me and the sunshine, while I picked us those deliciously dark little berries. When I got home my hands smelled liked berries, dirt, and sunshine.

That smell reminds me so much of being a child and picking berries to make jam with my grandmother. Isn't it amazing how powerful smell is to trigger memories? Soon after my house was full of the smell of baking blackberries, I made a cobbler! YUM! Tastes even better when you have picked the fruit yourself.

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