Friday, September 21, 2012

Autumn Equinox

It is the summer's great last heat, It is the fall's first chill: They meet.

 –Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt

you can smell it
the beauty of decay
the musty sweet scent of autumn
as your feet tread gently across the forest floor,
crinkle, crunch, crack
the leaves break down as you step on them
releasing more of that beautiful scent
it is the smell of death
it is the smell of life
it is the smell of rebirth
the forest sheds the old to make way for the new
the birds, bugs, trees, and grass are getting ready for the big sleep
and mother nature is shaking out her hair to make a blanket 
coating the forest floor in a sweet smelling blanket
death is just the begining
do not be affraid
with it comes life 

Autumn Equinox is also known as Mabon, a time to honor the Goddess as she moves from the ripe full mother (summer) to the wise old crone (fall). It is a time to reflect on the bounty of summer and be thankful for all we have received.  It is also a time to prepare for the coming winter. Now is a great time to preserve produce for the fall, be it canning, freezing or dehydrating. I recently have gotten into this and am enjoying providing for my family! I am not much of a cook, that title goes to my husband, but I do make some wonderful preserves and even some kick ass kale chips! 

What do you do to honor the change in the season? Do you like fall? Or are you still trying to hang on to summer?


  1. Happy Mabon! I do a short ritual to bring in the coming season and to give thanks for the happiness of summer.

    I'd love to get into canning, I'll have to ask my roommates about it and see if they'd be interested. Also I am intrigued by kale chips. Might have to look up a recipe for those.