Friday, September 28, 2012

Claire Bear: A Photo Update

Claire has been enjoying the dog days of summer, laying about in the grass and sun watching the birds and the clouds. She loves nature
Officially not a "baby" anymore, attention folks we have a toddler on our hands!
Claire has discovered that she LOVES watermelon, she would eat an entire melon if I let her
Resently she has started giving hugs and kisses, this makes mommy VERY happy
She has also started giving me little gifts like flowers, rocks, and twigs. I treasure each and every one
This week was also Claire's first day of daycare. I couldn't stop taking pictures of my big girl! Clearly she was less then impressed. It was only 1 day for 5 hours, but it felt like FOREVER! I was so excited to pick her up!
The other day we went for a train ride at Bear Creek Park here in Surrey. This is her eagerly awaiting the train and having a snack, she kept saying CHOO CHOO with a mouth full of food
And finally the choo choo came, she was SO excited!!!!
After our train ride we went out for a dinner date and someone got a special Pirate Pack. She wore half of her dinner home with her that night. My heart SWELLED to 10 ties its size watching her sit there like a big girl, chattering away to me in her funny baby talk.

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