Monday, October 1, 2012

BoHo in the City: Nature is Everywhere

As a BoHo Mamma it can be hard living in the city sometimes. I miss the connection to the earth, to the plants and trees. When I was a kid I grew up in a quiet suburb of North Vancouver, BC. My back yard was a forest with a river running through it. MAGICAL! My toys were rocks, twigs, leaves, and dirt. My music was the sound of the river. My friends were salmon, birds, and squirrels. As a child I was fascinated with Native legends and I read all I could about Canada's first nation stories. They all revolved around nature, and respect for all that Mother Earth provides. These stories came to life for me as I ran around in the woods. To this day the smell of decomposing leaves on the forrest floor brings back strong memories. We recently moved into a new house in Surrey, which is a HUGE city. MASSIVE! I have been busy planting herbs and flowers in our back yard to create a calm place to worship Mother Nature for Claire. I want her to have those same memories I do. Yet I can offer her more then just our backyard, every city has beauty to it You just have to look for it.

Yesterday we found a wildlife conservation park, just 10 minutes away from our house. Inside the trees all you could hear was the chirping of birds. No cars, or sirens, or people. Just birds and the wind in the trees.

With fall slowly creeping up on us the smell of forest decay was everywhere.  This smell is beautiful to me, it is the smell of re-birth: the leaves decay to make rich soil so more trees and plants can grow. Simple lessons from Mother Nature if you are ready to listen with all of your senses.

Do you live in a city? A major urban center? I challenge you to seek out your own oasis, Mother Nature is everywhere. Just look at her stubbornly growing between the cracks in the side walk. That dandelion is a reminder, she is everywhere.


  1. We have a country park near our house and it's lovely - you feel like you're in the middle of no where not in the middle of town.

    1. everyone needs a quiet piece of nature to escape to! :D