Saturday, September 1, 2012

Part Three: Using Sage to Cleanse Your Home

Thank you for joining me on this journey as we learn all about sage and how to purify your home with it. Are you ready to cleanse your home/space? Great! Here is how I did it, you can adapt this to suit your needs of course. First off you will need your smudge stick, to learn how to make one click here.
 Next you will need your moon water. This step is not essential but I felt it added something more to the process for me. Moon water is simply that, water that has been left out during a full moon, here is a lovely  tutorial. I filled a mason jar with some of my favorite healing gemstones and set it out the night of the first full moon of August (did you know there were TWO? It was a Blue Moon month!)

The only other thing you will need is a lighter. Some people like to use an abalone shell to burn their sage in, and although that would have been nice, sadly I do not have one...yet!
CAREFULLY light your sage (it burns hot and fast) and blow out the flame so that you have some nice hot and smokey embers going. Be forewarned: burnning sage kind of smells like marijuana...

I went up to the very far room of my new house with both of these tools in hand. First I blessed every window and doorway in that room with the smudge. I simply traced the frames with the smudge, spreading the smoke, and said "let the old out, and the new in". Then I placed my smudge stick in a SAFE SPACE, and grabbed my moon water. Holding it in one hand I dipped the fingers of my other hand in the water and did three sprays of this against each door way or window saying "bless us lady moon, on this fresh start". I did three because of the triple aspect of the Goddess: mother, maiden and crone. This also applies to father, son, and holy spirit or past, present future, Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu.....

Then I repeated the above steps in each and every room, spiraling all the way down to our basement and ending at the front door. The purpose of this is to cleanse our new home of any old or negative energies that may be lingering so that we can have a fresh start, a clean pallet if you will, to start from.

Does it work? I truly believe so. Sage is a very powerful herb and has been used in such a way for centuries. But it is only as powerful as the faith you put behind it. Do this with intention, with purpose, and with vision for a calm and peacful home. This does not only pertain to moving in, this can be done any time you feel your home needs it. It can also be done on a new car or on your own self. I am currently reading about how sage is very useful in combating depression! Simply light some sage leaves in a heat safe bowl and take a few deep breaths and enjoy a moment of silence and stillness. EVERY ONE needs this, not just us who suffer with out moods.

Many blessings,


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  1. I love sage and I use it regularly. Another favorite is sweet grass braids!