Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Hit a Wall and my Husband Put Me Back Together...

This week I am thankful for my husband, yet again. Claire was a wreck last week, and my mood took a DIVE for the worst. When I don't sleep my postpartum depression spirals out of control. I was up until 1am for several nights in a row with anxiety and was a wreck most of the time. Last Monday my husband put Claire down for a nap, ordered me to bed to rest, brought me a sandwich and a cup of tea. When I was done my snack he handed me an eye mask and earplugs and told me to nap. Geeeeeeee, uhm not going to argue with that logic!

 Thank God for my man. Every woman/mother should have a Ryan in their back pocket.

PS: On an UBER plus note....Claire is sleeping better now! A sleep post coming soon!


  1. I was the SAME flipping way. I'm sooooo happy you have such a supportive helpful hubby!

  2. I'm glad you have a "Ryan" too :)