Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tutorial: Shabby Chic New Years Wreath

Just because Christmas is over doesn't mean you cant still have some holiday crafts decorating the house (but if you are like me your tree is up until New Years day!). Rather then hang a Christmas wreath this year I decided to make a general "holiday" one, something that I could leave up through the winter. So I crafted my very own New Years Wreath, and here is how I did it:

Step One: Buy/Find an old Christmas Wreath

I found this tacky one for $2 at a local thrift store. It has a wicker frame, perfect for deconstructing!

Step Two: Take of the decorations until you are left with a bare wreath

I loved the country chique simplicity of this plain wicker frame

Step Three: Salvage some of the decorations to use elements you did like

The original wreathe was quite tacky, but I did like the gold berries and jingle bells. So I kept them and added a few on. When contrasted against the plain wwicker wreath it gave a simple elegance. The hold decorations had wire already attached to them so I just twisted it through the branches. You could add your own crafting wire easily.

Step Four: Wrap some fabric around your wreath

You could wrap the whole wreath in fabric if you wish, but I liked the asymmetrical look of this. I used an old blouse that doesnt fit across my mega-boobie-juice-jugs anymore.  You can see I added on a couple more jingle bells here too. A small dab of hot glue at the beginning of your fabric wrapping will hold it in place as you wind, and then one last bit of hot glue at the end to secure it. I just used the wire in the bells to tuck it into the fabric folds.

And TA DA! You have a simple, shabby-chique holiday wreath that you can leave up all winter long. Enjoy!

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