Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Memories: A Photo Heavy Post!

Baby Claire's first Christmas! What a magical time for Ryan and I it was. We tried to soak up every single moment we could, and enjoy the experience to it's max! Christmas really is a wonderful time of year, but it is SO MUCH better as a parent! Claire isn't even old enough to understand what was going on, and we had SO much fun wrapping gifts for her and watching her reaction to pretty lights, Santa Clause, and the crinkle crunch sound of wrapping paper. Here are some photo memories of our first magical Christmas as a family

Decorating the tree with Daddy

Learning the history of all our special decorations and where they came from

Special outfits for special Christmas visits
That often left this little girl all tuckered out!
There was lots of baking
Lots of decorating
And Christmas celebrating!
New traditions were started. This is Nanna reading "The Night Before Christmas" to Claire while Daddy gives her a bottle
Christmas morning was full of presents and joy
Some gifts were crafty, like this headband that Nanna made
Some gifts were sporty! Every girl needs her first Canucks jersey!
And some gifts were over the top in their cuteness!!!!!
But the best part of Christmas was that there was lots of time for CUDDLES


  1. LET ME HAVE THAT BABY!!!! (please??) ya'll's holiday looks so sweet :)

  2. she's so sweet!! looks like you had a great christmas :)