Friday, December 30, 2011

A LIttle Girls Thoughts on Gendered Toy Marketing

This is one smart little girl...I ask myself the same questions as I walk down toy isles. Why do we allow the toy companies to dictate to our children what they should be playing with? Why don't we let our children choose for themselves? I recall a little girl I saw in Toronto one day, walking down the street holding her Daddies hand. She had a firefighter hat on and matching ruby red Dorothy slippers. Now that Dad is doing a GREAT job

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  1. OH MY GOD. I love this. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!! I hate, despise, loathe when people say something is "male" or "female" - be that a toy, a career, an attitude... Whatever. It's not even just for kidlets, but for adults too and it's just... horrible.

    We're all PEOPLE. I'm a huge LGBTQ rights person, because I myself am bisexual and my wife is transgender and honestly, she's gotten so much "oh, that's such a guy thing!" such as the fact that, as an example, she doesn't like "feeling" things in stores. Like fabrics and what not. It's not a GUY thing. It's just that she doesn't want to dirty up something someone is gonna buy!

    Ahem, getting WAY off track now, but it's so annoying. She's a girl, she is her own person. Just like when people bash men for being gamers... I've had people do that to my face, to which I say "well... I'm a gamer..." and than they're all speechless.

    REALLY rambling now. This is just a HUGE issue in my life. Thank you, again, for posting this.