Monday, November 28, 2011

Motherhood Monday: Enjoy The Ride, It's Over Before You Know It...

Sometimes, motherhood is really hard. Most of the time it is painfully beautiful and poignant...but their are times when it just hurts. Your mind, body, and soul are so tired that there are no words to even describe it. You think "If I have to pace this hallway with this screaming baby at 3am one more time I am going to loose it". But you pace. You pace, and you rock, and you love, and you cuddle, and you kiss, and you soothe. You do all of this knowing that one day you will miss it. There will come a time when your child won't want that kind of attention. The rebellious teenager or the independent college student, they were both once a frantically crying baby who could only be soothed by your love. They really do grow up so fast, you don't realize how fast until you have a child of your own. I find myself trying to memorize every single moment, no matter how trying it may seem. When I am old and grey I will look back fondly on these early days, the beginning of a lifelong relationship with the love of my daughter.


  1. I just love reading your blog. It brings me joy to see another happy mother who enjoys their child! I have so many moments like this, Jules won't sleep, she wants me to cuddle her, to love her, to sing, and rock, and dance when I just want to sleep! But at the same time, I'm storing every moment in my memory, every cry, every hair pull, every shudder of her slipping into sleep. <3 the joys of being a mother. Nothing could be better.

  2. Im so glad you enjoy it! Thank you for always taking the time to leave such sweet comments :) Motherhood certainly is trying at times, and Id be lying if I said I didn't need a break from Claire every once in a while. But what mommy doesn't!!