Friday, November 25, 2011

Dear Claire...

You are now 6 months old, would you please stop growing so fast?!? Actually, truth be told I kinda like the 6 month old you more then the newborn you. Don't get me wrong, I do miss that brand new baby smell, the cute new baby cry, and the way you used to take epic long naps curled up like a leaf on my chest. But now you are just so cool! You have a personality now, you are a mini person, a real character to be honest. Your current new "thing" is to yell whenever mommy or daddy aren't in your direct line of vision. And its not a whiny wail yell, its a "HEY!!!! Why aren't you guys looking at ME?!" kind of yell. You are trying very hard to communicate with us these days and the other day you started saying MAMA! At this point I think you are just mimicking us like a cute little parrot....but still it made my heart swell when I heard that. You also sat up without toppling over for the very first time recently. We were visiting your Nanna Sarah at In The Mood, leave it to my daughter to do a milestone first in a love shop. I'm sure that story will mortify you when you are 16, I am keeping it tucked into my back pocket as arsenal for the first time you break curfew.

You have also recently noticed animals, more specifically our pets. You are enthralled with our two cats and could spend hours staring at them. Sometimes you like to yell at them too, much to their joy. Whether it is a bird, a dog,  or a cat you love animals...especially getting a handful of their fur to yank on.

Each day you become more and more of a person, and less of a blob-like-baby. I think you are going to be a real diva, your temper is quick to flare and you sure let us now when you don't like something. You are growing SO FAST it overwhelms me. Some days you are so hungry you try to put all of mamma in your mouth. Seriously. Any part of me you can grab and stuff in your face you do, while grunting like a pig I might add. I think if you could stick me in a blender and puree me up to eat you would. I revel in each new roll of delicious baby fat that appears on your legs and your pudgy little belly is my favorite place to blow zerberts and raspberries on.

Grow baby grow, but don't ever stop being my little girl

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  1. thank you so much for your ps at violet bella..amazing! I have re-posted the same thing to my blog post! I would love to help out!!