Friday, December 2, 2011

Some Days...

Some days you aren't going to like being a parent

Some days you will dream of running away to a deserted island, with nary a load of laundry in sight

Some days you will look at the clock and ask yourself if it is too early too pour a glass of wine

Some days you will resent your husbands job for the sheer fact that he can talk to another adult, without a baby in his arms

Some days you will want to gouge your eyes out if you hear that one particular musical toy, one more time

Some days you will love your child, but you won't like them in that moment

It's ok to have those days. We all do we just don't talk about it

So, I'm talking about it. Today is one of those days...


  1. Hope this day passes quickly to a brighter one! I've had MANY (they don't make capital letters big enough!) of those days! hang in there! xo

  2. I've learned that those days just make us stronger, better parents