Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Appologies

Dear Darling Readers,

To those of you who are not mom's, mommy bloggers, pregnant, or into baby stuff...I apologize. I do not want you to think that this blog will be going the way of boobies, diapers, and babies for ever and ever. It is just that right now my whole world revolves around this precious bundle of love and joy named Claire. I am slowly coming out of my post-birth trauma, getting to know Claire better, and setting up a solid nap/feed routine. The crafts and such will return, I am going through creative withdrawal! Along with Motherhood Monday's I will continue to post Thankful Thursday and Sunday Styles for you all to enjoy. I have some plans for crafty projects and starting next month may even be in a craft fair or two!

Thank you for all of your love, support and patience. I worked so hard to get this little blog to be what it is today, it is a baby of mine too! So to those of you tired of hearing about baby madness, I thank you for sticking around and supporting me. Every morning I wake up and read your comments and they honesty make my day! I love each and every one.

So on the note of returning the blog to "regular scheduled programing" here is a sneak peak of a craft project I plan to start working on this week:

And since it is Tuesday and all here is a Tuesday Tune for old times sake! Ironic that this is an apology post and this song has been stuck in my head all day long! Claire and I rocked out to it during our morning breastfeeding session:

Peace, love and pickles

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  1. Welcome to parenthood! =]

    Looking forward to all of your posts - craft related or not =]

  2. Welcome to motherhood! It is definitely an adjustment, there are days I find myself talking about my baby to the most random people and I have to stop myself, surely the man in the checkout line does not care whether or not my baby like her green beans! HA! Looking forward to reading more, regardless of the topic:)