Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday: FOOD

I love food, like seriously I LOVE FOOD. I dream of food, food is my new sex. I live for my next meal. It is ridiculous how much I love food. But of course I am also breastfeeding, so every bite that goes into me just comes right out as milk for Claire. I swear to you there are days when I can feel her sucking me dry! Did you know you burn an extra 800-1200 calories just by breastfeeding??? This means you can eat all you want, and know its going to good use! After a pregnancy where I gained 50 pounds and had to watch what I eat, being able to stuff my face and not see the scale go up is AWESOME! So on that note, today's Thankful Thursday post is all about food! I am thankful for:
  • a fridge jam packed full of pre-cooked meals
  • pastries....I craved them while the bug was in me. Remember my fear I was going to give birth to a puff pastry? Well I still crave them! And I swear it is what has helped her get back up to her birth weight! Mmmmmmmmmm pastries....mmmmmmmm
  • carrot muffins with walnuts inside
  • Happy Planet Extreme Green Juice, yummy and full of iron for Claire and I. Plus its a funky green color so I love the looks I get when I drink it
  • my husband has cooked me healthy and delicious meals every day, even though he is running on 4-5 hours of sleep as well on top of working from home to boot. My breast milk is only coming in strong because he is keeping me so well fed! And loved :)
What's for dinner tonight? Bread Pudding, braised orange/lemon carrots, pan seared chicken and steamed rainbow chard
  • and lastly, I am thankful for Guiness. I only have one, and sip it slowly after Claire has had a good long feed that I know will last her a couple hours. But that one pint of Guiness taste like heaven and makes mommy happy! Especially when she can drink it while she cheers on the Canucks as they play for the Stanley Cup, GO CANUCKS GO!!!!

What are you thankful for this week kittens? Do share!!

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  1. Wow, that dinner looks AMAZING! You are one lucky lady to have a man like Ryan! :)
    I'm feeling very thankful for your family is doing so well, for the little extra money I got last pay that let me get a wii (yay!), for having an amazing boyfriend that is making long distance not be as hard as it can be, and for the amazing talent of our dear Canucks that have this entire city coming together in positive excitement and energy! Woo Go Canucks indeed!!! xx

  2. Ohhhh food

    i'm thankful for Neil Gaiman's books, and Marco learning how to blow kisses! :D