Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tutorial: Make a Prayer Flag Inspired Bunting!

Hi my name is Jo and I blog over on My Pangaloon! I'm here today to teach you a quick craft activity, that you can seriously whip up in about 10-15mins.

If you are having friends around this summer, or your fancy a picnic out, why not add make some quick prayer flag inspired bunting. It will add a homely and vintage feel to any occasion.

You will need a selection of scraps. I used three different patterns and cut them very roughly into simliar sized rectangles. You need not be precise, as I think It looks better anyway, if they are not perfect.

1. Cut out your rectangles. I ended up with 20

2. Now for the binding. I wanted a quick raw edge, so measured about 1inch, snipped the tip of the fabric, then tore the rest by hand.

3. Sew you binding directly over the top of the flag ( I left a little exposed, just because I liked the look). I used a zigzag stitch

4. Hang, and bask in how clever you are. This is a great activity for a child who is just learning how to use a sewing machine. My eldest    is 5 and she can just about cope with this activity ( supervised of course)

Have fun and let me know how you get on!

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