Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tutorial: Anzouya Teaches Us How to make an Easter Hair Clip!

I'm so happy to be here!
Thanks Kami for this amazing opportunity to sponsor
and guest post on your blog.
It's my very first time that I'm doing a guest blog,
so bare with me...
Today I want to show you how to make
this cute little Felt Bunny Hair Clip. 
A great gift for Easter!
The materials that you're going to need are:
  • A template (if you search the internet you can find plenty of those). You can make it in any form that you like. I've made some that look like bunnies and one as a duck.
  • Pieces of felt in any color you prefer. You can also use scraps because you won't need a big piece anyway.
  • Yarn or thread and needle.
  • Metallic hair clips
  • Polyfill or even cotton balls
  • Ribbon in a different or matching color.
  • Hot glue gun, for making things quicker.
First of all, fold the piece of felt or use two pieces of scrap
and pin your template in place.
with anything you like,
beads, sequins, buttons, whatever you have laying around.

With some thread you can also stitch the nose and the mouth.

When you're done, pin the two pieces together so
that they'll stay in place as you stitch them together.

Blanket stitch around your bunny.
Before you reach the end, start filling it up
with polyfill or cotton balls.
You can use a chopstick, the back of a pencil 
or even a paper clip so that you can push the filling to the edges.

Finish it up!
Now, for the hair clip all you need is a simple metallic hair clip
and some ribbon in any color you prefer.
The good thing about this project is that you can
"play" with colors and make any combination that you like.
It's up to you!

With your hot glue gun, start from the inner bottom
of the hair clip and start  gluing the ribbon as you go.
You want to cover the whole hair clip around
so that the edges of the ribbon start and end inside.

Put some glue on top of the hair clip and
secure your bunny in place.

Your new Felt Bunny Hair Clip is ready to be worn!
You can make as many as you want to
and give them as gifts to little ones,
add them in their Easter baskets or even organize 
a Easter Hair Clip "Treasure Hunt" with
hidden little creatures all over the place!
I hope that you enjoyed my little tutorial and
if you make anything like this I'd love to see it!
Thanks again Kami for your hospitality!
Have A Lovely Day everyone!

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  1. Thanks Kami for having me! I hope your readers will enjoy my little tutorial!
    Happy Easter to everyone! :-)

  2. Count me in. I already follow you and Anzouya, but I will also post it on facebook xxx

  3. what a cute basket!! count me in! im following both ! xo

  4. Anzouya is so amazing, it's like she's creating pretty things non-stop. I love her and her cute collection of bunnies.

  5. following both blogs


  6. My fav childhood easter memory is defo rolling hard boiled eggs in the back garden with my mum. We did it with my nephews on sunday and it was muchos fun, totally brought it all back.


  7. Tweeted!