Monday, April 18, 2011

Motherhood Monday: 33 Weeks

This is the very first Motherhood Monday post where I do not have a belly picture to share with you all, and it feels kinda weird. I am currently in a "I am as big as a house" phase. I feel huge, awkward, and really jammed full of baby...dear God and his kid is only going to get bigger in the next few weeks! I know that this feeling will pass, and I am trying to not pay much attention to it because I truly do love every minute of being pregnant. I love my curves, I love the baby kicks, and I love knowing that my body is capable of such a miracle. But, this weekend I couldn't get myself together to put any effort into any sort of an outfit as everything I put on felt so uncomfortable. The only time I felt comfy was buck naked in the bath tub, and well folks you don't need to see that ;)

Making the awkward moments worse is the fact that Saturday night it really hit me...I am going to be a MOTHER? Responsible for a human being? FOREVER?!? It will no longer be just Ryan and I, our lives will be forever changed (yes for the better) and that feeling left me overwhelmed, anxious, and short of breath...which when you are already 33 weeks pregnant and have a baby jammed up against your diaphragm sucks.

Ryan was an amazing trooper all weekend long. Every time I told him I felt "as big as a house" he said "but honey you are a big beautiful mansion with a wrap around porch, two rocking chairs and a view of an old cherry tree". I couldn't help but laugh! We also did some household prep which really helped with my mood. We baby proofed dangerous areas of the house, cleaned and organized, and even pulled his old playpen out of storage to use for our lil bug. It is so retro cute! This thing is 31 years old and I adore it:

I also hung this picture in the bugs room that Ryan brought back for me on his last business trip to NYC. It is a re-print of a famous Norman Rockwell painting but done on a piece of beaten tin, I love it!!!

We also had our ultrasound last week, and as some of you may now we were waiting to hear if my placenta had moved up and out of the way. Apparently at my first ultrasound it was "low lying", the edge touching the cervix which could potentially complicate a vaginal delivery if the placenta emerges before the baby. I was told if it didn't move by AT LEAST 1 cm that I would have to have a scheduled c-section. This was devastating news to me as I hope to birth as naturally as possible so I prayed and prayed and prayed for my placenta to move, telling it come only have to move 1 cm!! You can do this right? Well guess what? I prayed for 1 cm, I got 1 cm! No More no less, now we just have to wait until our midwife appointment on Wednesday to see if that was enough. FINGERS CROSSED!

Next week I promise a picture of the bug bump, an update on the midwifes diagnosis of the ultrasounds, and I will catch you up on the pre-natal classes we have started taking. For now if now click here you can see a picture of our bug and say hello.....look at that button nose eh? Gets that from the Fasan side, not the Newitt side that is for sure! LOL!

Peace, love and pickles


  1. So I'm in the same stage you are. Nothing looks good on, and I just feel swollen in my hands and feet and just gross in general...
    When I was getting the 3D ultrasound on Saturday my uncle (who was doing the ultrasound, hoorah for hookups!) mentioned that it took 32 weeks for the baby to get to 4 lbs (his estimate for baby's current weight based on the measurements) and it's going to put on twice its weight in the next 8 weeks. CRAZY.
    Also I found my first set of stretch marks yesterday. Under my belly. So sad! I've been rubbing vitamin E cream on my belly for months but someone suggested Bio-oil so I picked some up last night...we'll see if that helps...

  2. I gave birth 3 weeks ago, and I kind of miss my belly. It made me feel beautiful and womanly :) Right now I just feel tired lol...

    I don't think the "I'm going to be a mom" stuff hit me until we left the hospital and I kept saying " I can't believe I get to keep him, I can't believe he's mine forever"

    I hope you get the natural birth you want...I didn't! My midwives and I tried, but baby wasn't cooperating and I ended up stuck at 7 cm with an epidural, oxytocin, and we still had to vacuum him out.

  3. @Pamplemousse1983 oh dear God when you think of the weight they have yet to gain in that way it is scary isnt it? Bio Oil is great I have started using it too!!!

    @Cassie CONGRATS!!!!! I think I will be saying those same words as I leave the hospital too "This is mine? Like as in I get to take it home? For reals?!?" LOL! 1 million hugs and congrats to you and your babe!

  4. I wish and pray the best for you girl to have a natural birth ... i did both and natural birth was soooooo much better ....i felt absoulty terrible after my c-section :( all the best to you guys xo

  5. Your husband is beyond sweet, I hope that when when I'm pregnant and gigantic, my man says stuff like that!

    Congrats on the movement, here's hoping for a good outcome!

  6. @Kamika Yup! you can see our little man Abel here: