Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Styles Link Up Party!

OK kittens same rules as before apply and don't forget to link up in addition to your lovely comments!

1) Must be a follower of Searching for Serendipity to participate, so look over their to the left and click follow!
2) Blog about your current favorite things, WITH PICTURES, such as fashion, craft inspiration, or inspiring imagery you want to share.
3) YOU MUST give proper sourcing for any images you share!
4) When you are done your post simply enter your link below! Leave a comment for at least two other bloggers, a good rule of thumb is to visit the blog listed above you, and below you.
5) HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! This one is the most important :)

Now on to the fun part, my favorite things/finds/photos for this week!

I love everything about this photo and how it is styled. It reminds me of the dreams my girlfriends and I had as teenagers of running away to the dessert in an old VDub van.....oh the boho life!

I love this hair style! I wish I could do this but I have to many layers and they all poke out....maybe I need to use more bobby pins? Any tips fellow long, layered hair girls?

I know that food coloring is horrible for us, but my God this cake is CUTE!!!!!!!

A Chevron patterned headboard and the most amazing his and hers pillowcases I ever did see! EEEK!

This tutorial for bunny napkin folds, I can't imagine doing this for a large family gathering. Now that is love, or bordeline obsessive compulsive disorder....either way its pretty impressive!

And last but not least this AMAZING quote I found on Lil Chief Honeybee's blog that so perfectly sums up how I feel about gay marriage. Cuz I don;t know about you guys, but i don't "gay park" my car either.


  1. super cute finds!

    here is my post i can't to the LinkWithin

  2. Huh! Sorry guys and dolls looks like there was an error with my code! The linky didnt show up. FAIL!