Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Styles

This is becoming one of my favorite posts because it is so much fun sharing pretty pictures! I love when other bloggers share amazing finds, inspirational images, or cool fashion shots, and I hope you enjoy mine as well? In light of this I thought this might make a fun link up party? What do you think dear readers? Id love to see your inspirational styles, do share! This may be slow to start, and I am not expecting a million link ups at first as this is a new venture for me, but it would be really exciting to turn it into a weekly blog hop/link up party FULL of amazing, inspiring, and fun images. I love pictures don't you. Here is how it will work:

1) Must be a follower of Searching for Serendipity to participate, so look over their to the left and click follow!

2) Blog about your current favorite things, WITH PICTURES, such as fashion, craft inspiration, or inspiring imagery you want to share. Please link back to this post telling others they can link up, and feel free to use the image I have created above :)

3) YOU MUST MUST MUST give proper sourcing for any images you share! It is a good habit to get into, and you should always credit any photo you use in any post that you did not take yourself. Try to avoid general image databases like I do not want to promote imagery theft with this link up!

4) When you are done your post simply enter your link below! Leave a comment for at least two other bloggers, a good rule of thumb is to visit the blog listed above you, and below you. Please do not leave spammy copy and paste comments, lets be authentic people!!

5) HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! This one is the most important :)

Now on to my current favorite things, I feel like I should have an Oprah-esque lilt to my voice when I say this...

I seem to have a real thing for vintage Dior lately, I am really drawn to it. I love this vintage Dior illustration, it reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffanys. I would love to have this hanging in my house!


This swimsuit!!!!!! AKKKKKKKKK I freaking love it! So cool! It will be a while before I fit in anything other then baggy board shorts though, LOL!

ART WALLS! I love art walls, and think every house should have at least one. I have two: one for my embroidery and photographs in my hallway, and one for inspirational images above my craft desk. I think that this one is so cool because it is in a bathroom and I love how it involves texture as well! I see them as visual altars adorning a persons wall...

This Easter tutorial on how to make moss eggs! Super cool and unique, much more original then your standard pastel colored eggs! And you can always tie in the  colors of Easter by adorning them with some purple or yellow ribbon!


Now why cant all fashion designers think this way? And this quote was from the 1950's! Mind you fashion in the 50's was very flattering to the curvy female form....not stuff built for stick models like today! 

Now let the link up fun begin!


  1. Hello Kami,
    I'm your new follower from FTLOB
    Thank you for the opportunity to join your Sunday Style link party ^^

  2. oooh this sounds brilliant. I love how blogging can be so collaberative. I will like to join in the arty..I will bring along some English tea xxx

  3. I'm also super into art collages - I think they add so much character to a room - and that skeleton leotard is awesome!

    Stopping by from FTLOB!


  4. I looove that swimsuit! I wish it could be made into a bikini!