Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Ink: Family Love

Welcome to another round of Saturday Ink! Today's featured blogger is Kimmi, I hope you will all give her lots of inky-love and of course head over and check out her blog and Etsy shop. Kimmi has a few tattoos, but has choosed to highlight one very dear to her heart with us:

Why is this tattoo special to you? I am a part of the Paiute Indian Tribe. I hold the Native American ways close to my heart. My grandfather passed away when I was 16. This was the first time a really close relative passed away, he suffered a severe heart attack. My grandmother found him next to their front door trying to get outside. Ever since then, I have thought of my grandfather as a bird, trying to be set free. Now whenever I see a black crow watching me, I think it is my grandfather checking in on me.So moving forward, I will get a feather tattoo for a passing relative, each one will be different with their personality.

Who did your ink? My friend Mike Williams did it, we met him in Dallas when he did my boyfriends tattoo. Since then, he has done 2 of my tattoos and I won't let anyone in the area do my ink but him. He is currently in Austin, TX.

Do you want more? Yes, I think anyone who gets tattoos wants more, they are very addicting. I want to do half sleeves on both arms and maybe my chest. My corporate job keeps me from really doing that right now.  I have 3 in total. The feather, a set of stars on my back and a kanji tattoo on my left foot that reads "chicken" (my boyfriends nickname for me).

What do you like best about tattoos? It is like having wearable art. Each of them has a story and something that the person holds close to their heart.\

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