Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Fun!!!!

1.   My biggest accomplishment in life thus far is: it's a tie...being the first woman in my family to ever graduate from University with a degree, and being pregnant. Even though I wasn't sure if I wanted kids, back when I was in my twenties, I always dreamed of being pregnant. Of living the full experience of what a female body can do, can create. It is pretty awesome and pretty damn humbling.

2.  My favorite place to sit in my house is: where I am sitting right now, at my craft desk

3.  My fashion philosophy is: Uhm, fashion philosophy? I don't really feel that I have one. Comfort is really important to me, and I like to look pretty...but a philosophy? There are more important things in life to think philosophically about

4.  Something every girl should have is : a circle of women friends that love and support her, and that she in turn can love and support.

5.  If you looked in my purse right now you'd find: the novel "The Red Tent", a moleskin journal, my wallet, my Ipod, my favorite pair of leopard print winter gloves, and a million and one used bus transfers

6.  My favorite music right now is: Elvis Perkins and also The National

7.  My favorite part of my body is: currently my big round belly, even though there are days I feel like a whale, I still love what pregnancy is doing to my belly, breasts, and thighs. I feel very womanly

I am so happy it is the weekend! I have a million and one crafty projects to catch up on, and a million and one naps to have. I am SO tired these days! But I also get to meet a blogger friend!!!!! Maryam of Pamplemouse is going to be in Vancouver and we get to hang out! I am excited, but also a little nervous...I have never made friends with someone online and then met them in real life! EEEEEEP! She is so awesome though and I cant wait to run around and take photos with her, well run as fast as our bellies will let us, she is prego too and only a week behind me! How cool is that? I promise to take lots of photos and tell you all about our day. 

What are your plans this weekend? Want to join the fill in the blank fun above? Then head on over to Laurens blog and link up!


  1. ooooh - have fun with Maryam! x

  2. i love how excited you are about being pregnant!