Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Owls! Owls! Owls Everywhere!

In thinking of themes to decorate the bugs room with, I have fallen in love with all things "woodland". Owls, deer, mushrooms, birds....and this has spilled over into my crafts. Here is a look at some new items I am creating, some are already in the shop!

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  1. Oh my gosh! This just the cutest pin ever!

    I've only just discovered your blog but I love it already and have just started following you. Looking forward to reading more!

    <3 <3

  2. Hi Hannah! Thanks for following, looking forward to your comments. Have a great day

  3. Hey, I found your blog through Qwerty mum and Maxabella. Love your posts and I had to comment on this post. At last - someone else that has an owl obsession. I should have called my blog All things Owl! Nice to meet a fellow owl supporter, and hope you've had a nice weekend! When are you due? ;o)

  4. love the leafy detail on the back! adorable!
    If you do owl themed nursery I'd love to make you an owl collage.

  5. @Ooh Baby I am due June 5th!!! Getting closer

    @PuNk rAwK pUrL I would love that! Thanks doll. I am thinking it will just be a general woodland theme. Owls, birds, deer!