Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Time to bring back an old favourite....Thankful Thursdays. Back in my blogger days, before Full Moon Mothering came to be, I wrote a weekly post about all the things I am thankful for. The little things and the big things. I found that living with an attitude of gratitude made life easier, made my stress bearable, my moods happier. In short it just made everything better. Fast forward (its been 3 years since I wrote one) and I could use an attitude adjustment, stress affects everything - our health, our relationships, our work life, sleep, etc etc. I am stressed I won't lie. It is not easy being a work at home mom with a husband that travels as much mine does. I have been a cranky mom lately, not practicing much self care, and not the greatest friend either. So it time to get back to basics! Along with eating better and exercising more, its time to start being thankful for the little things. I find that being thankful for these things makes the big stressful things seem....well, not so big! So here is my first Thankful Thursday list in 3 years:

- my neighbour who brought me home made soup when Claire was sick
- Claire cracking jokes despite how sick she was
- Claire NOT being sick anymore! Phew! That was a crappy 2 weeks
- My dog Juno who has been my shadow and constant companion since Ryan left for Italy
- Seeing an old friend from elementary school, who now lives in Peru, for the first time in about 7 years!
- being gifted with lovely treats from Peru
- sleeping with Claire in my bed all week, she falls asleep holding my hand
- the fact that I didn't delete this blog and found the courage to resuscitate it!!!! I miss writing

So kittens, tell me...what are YOU thankful for?

Peace, love, and pickles

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