Monday, October 15, 2012

Runny Noses, Sore Boobs and a Chicken

Yup. That's pretty much what my life has come down to. Claire is SO SICK. I can't stress this enough, this is the WORST cold ever. The poor thing is up most of the night with a fever and is so congested its heartbreaking. Why can't kids be born knowing how to blow their nose?! Seriously, you'd think evolution would have figured that one out already. At any rate we are currently co-sleeping as its the only way she isn't miserable and I can get a bit of sleep. This means non-stop nursing. I currently feel as if sand paper was rubbed against my nipples all day long. Oh and the chicken? This momma is desperate to keep the germs at bay so I'm currently roasting a chicken with whole onions and an entire garlic bulb. Daddy is sick too...I hope my loves enjoy their home cooked medicine. Here is my yummy looking chicken about to go into the oven, I stuffed the skin with fresh herbs!

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  1. Hope things get better soon! Make soup with the chicken bones - I did that today. In case you haven't done it before fill pot with water, add an onion (cut in half skin on), 2 celery stocks, 2 carrots, thyme sprigs, fresh rosemary, chicken bones/skin whatever is left and simmer for an hour or more. Get all the above stuff out of the stock. I add two fresh celery sticks chopped, two carrots chopped, peas, corn, what ever chicken I can pick from the bones and whatever else is in the fridge maybe noodles too at the very end. YUM. Taya ate 3 bowls for lunch and declared she feels better!