Friday, April 13, 2012

Remember to Stop and Smell the Roses

Wow! I have been so bad at blogging lately! Truth be told I was feeling a little overwhelmed. Sometimes I feel like there is this silent pressure on stay at home moms (SAHMs) especially those that blog, even more so those that craft. I see all these amazing posts on super active blogs and I think "why can't I be that good a mom?" I admit, I compare myself to other moms in the blog/craft world all the time. ALL-THE-TIME. No one wants to admit that but I know I am not alone. We compare ourselves to people all the time. In the grocery store line, walking down the street, in our televisions...but us moms are the WORST for it. I realized I was so busy trying to be a perfect mom that I was being a crappy mom. Ok maybe not crappy, but I was burnt out and no fun. So I have been trying to relax...take it easy...enjoy the wild ride that is parenthood. And not feel bad if I haven't crafted the perfect first Easter doo-dad for a child who is too young to even know what is going on. Today, I took Claire to the beach for the very first time. It was still a bit chilly but the sun was out, we fed the ducks, and enjoyed the day. Here are some snapshots from our simple yet perfect day.


  1. And now you've shared a beautiful day with us. have good thoughts you're an amazing Mamma

  2. i do this ALL the time...i think its why i go through blog phases...i get so bummed that i'm not as epic as everyone else so then i just dont log in for a week or two..sigh...youre fabulous mama!!