Monday, April 2, 2012

On Cloth Diapering

Don't mind the carrot puree all over her face (blushes)

With return of my period I started thinking? I don't wear crappy pads why should Claire wear crapy diapers? Post-partum Depression made it hard in the beginning, and sadly I gave up...but I am back on Cloth Diaper (CD) train now! Lots of people think I am NUTS for CDing my daughter, do you? It's quite sad really, a new diaper arrives in the mail and I get so excited! They are just so fluffy and cute! Us CD mamma's even have a name for that, its FLUFFY MAIL! And it is the best kind of mail to get. Have you seen a cloth diaper recently? It is not what you have in mind, I assure you. CDs have come a long way in the past few years. Choice abounds! All sorts of colors, fabrics, and fun prints! Velcro or snaps, plain or crazy prints. Trust me, current cloth diapers are so cute you will want your little one to be in nothing but a diaper all day long!

My husband just rolls his eyes at me, he thinks I am nuts. "Babe, they are shit catchers" but I guarantee you if I came home with a Star Wars diaper he would hit the roof! But CDs arent just cute, they are economical and environmental too!

First the economics! Yes the initial set up costs of CD are higher, but in the end you save so much money! How much? Try nearly $3, 500 by the time your child is potty trained!My start up costs for CD were $200, and that is it (I bought 25 diapers mostly second hand). They will last me until Claire is potty trained, and because they are cloth I can wash them and re-sell them to another mom in need re-couping some of my costs. Where as those disposables will still be taking up space in a land fill.
It's about more then money and cute prints's for the earth too! Did you know it takes a single disposable diaper nearly 500 YEARS to decompose and that is only if it is in ideal conditions? As in on its own, not squished in with a billion other diapers and inside a plastic bag. Cloth diapers can last through multiple children, and with the proper care and washing will not stain and can be passed on to others.

Now I ask you, who is nuts here?

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  1. I think it's great that your are cloth diapering! I would too, if I were lucky enough to be a Mom. :) The way you get excited over your "fluffy mail", I get excited over my "moon pads". Lol.

  2. I am totally with you on the fluffy bums! Claire is a real cutie. Do you put her in baby legwarmers?