Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby Claire 9 Months Old

9 freaking months! Can you believe it? I can't. Only 3 more months until my baby turns 1.....ONE! As in I will have a 1 year old!!!! OH EM GEEEE!

It has been a while since I did a Claire update, I thought one was long overdue! She is doing great, growing like a weed and EXHAUSTING her mother. Her two bottom teeth have come in, making for all sorts of silly grin photos.

Last time I blogged about Claire she wasn't really crawling too much, well that all changed! In the past 2 weeks Claire has become more and MORE mobile! She is crawling everywhere and pulling up on every piece of furniture in site. She is VERY proud of herself too

She is still a breastfeeding champ and although we are doing solids she still breastfeeds 8-10 times a day. I am glad for this, I love our special time...especially given that it is one of the few times a day when she is calm and still. Although there has been many attempts at gymnastic feats while attached to my breast.

She signed back to me for the first time the other day! When she was done eating I asked her if she was all done, and she did our sign back for it! She also says momma, and Hi Dadda a lot....a lot because Daddy is away pretty much every other week. It's sad, and we miss him, and I am really REALLY tired.

She also learned a new trick the other day that she is really proud of, see for yourself ;)

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