Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Children and Televison

I found this video FASCINATING! Now I will admit, I am not crazy strict about TV in my household, Claire has seen some television here and there. With that said it is closely monitored, and she is certainly not plunked down in front of the TV as a distraction! I feel that television is far to overstimulating for such a young mind, that it could possibly make child like play suddenly seem boring in comparison. I mean how could you not find building with blocks boring after watching Sponge Bob Square Pants zoom around all day? I have always feared that the overstimulated affects of television could spill over into how a child plays, and if they will enjoy simply BEING.

I recently watched this very informative video on TED and it echoed my thoughts EXACTLY! I would encourage you all to watch it, and please feel free to discuss this topic in the comment section below. What are your thoughts on children and television?

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