Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Farmers Markets!

As we get deeper and deeper into fall I thought I would share one of my favorite memories of this past summer with you all, my first trip to the Trout Lake Farmers Market with my Claire Bear. For the Tomato Festival no less! I lovvvvvvve Farmers Markets, my father-in-law says they should pay me a premium I talk about them so much I am a walking billboard. LOL! They really should. I love supporting local farmers and eating fresh, local, organic food that is in season. That and the market just makes for GREAT people watching! Here are some pictures from that day:

Mmmmmmmmmmmm root vegetables! NOM

So many new and exciting varieties of heirloom tomato's!

 Such bright and vibrant colors! You know you are eating right when there is a rainbow on your plate

Carrots so fresh from the ground there is still dirt on them

Heirloom tomato's in all their glory, beautiful in their imperfections

This little boy was helping his mommy out at her market booth, his job was to say "Hi" to every customer. He took it VERY seriously

FOOD TRUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOM NOM NOM! Korean fusion tacos!

Claire and I had so much fun but eventually it was time to go home for our nap

And while we napped, Daddy made me a tomato FEAST! Such a great summer memory :)

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