Monday, September 5, 2011

Motherhood Monday: 3, It's the Magic Number

And I am back! Thanks for putting up with my absence over the blogger August Break, I really needed it. It was nice to spend some time on my house, relaxing with my hubby and watching the bug GROW! Can you believe that she is now 16 weeks old?!!?!?! Where does the time go I ask you? It seems like yesterday she was this helpless little bundle of swaddling clothes, crying and crying and CRYING. We had some colic issues BAD as lots of parents do. And some sleep issues. So many moms told me "It all gets better by 3 months"

And you know what?


If you are a new mom/parent trust me, it really does ALL get better at 3 months. Yes your child will still have melt downs from time to time, yes you will still be tired, BUT they will be a real live baby! A cooing, giggling, smiling, INTERACTING baby! It is so much fun!

Claire is currently very interested in music! She loves any song that has hand, feet, or body actions. She does a HUGE wide mouth frog smile when I sing her favorite songs. She is also trying very hard to make new sounds now and she reaches out and grabs for her toys and rattles. It is amazing to watch the wheels turn in that little head of hers, as she tries to master a new skill.

We have also been going to lots of breastfeeding groups which is so much fun! I highly recommend it to any mom. It gets you out of the house, out of your jammies, fresh air, new babies, new moms and maybe even a new friend or two! I have made a great mommy friend recently and I just love her and her daughter to BITS! They keep me sane and I look forward to our now nearly three times a week visits SO MUCH!

Claire and I also reunited with our prenatal class the other day, it was so fun to see all of the other mom's and babes!

That's Claire on the end. The oldest and one of the smallest LOL!
I am feeling stronger as a parent each and every day, more confident, more secure, and loving this new role of mine. I have a whole "Motherhood Monday" post planned on just that topic, but for now it is enough to say that I am deliriously happy.

And to celebrate Claire reaching 3 months....

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  1. Aw I loved 3 months. 7 months so far is even better! I love to watch them think, or watch your mouth & try SO hard to mimic it. I loved my newborn, but babies are so much fun! Glad to hear your enjoying your little one, she is beautiful!