Monday, August 1, 2011

Motherhood Monday

 Howdy folks! Tomorrow Baby Claire will be 12 weeks old, can you believe it??? I sure as hell can't....its hard to believe that just 12 weeks ago she was this tiny little 6.1 pound fragile creature of love:

And now she is a whopping 11 POUNDS! And not a teeny tiny fragile thing anymore, she is turning into a kicking, giggling, cooing little girl:

Currently Claires favorite thing to do is to lie on her back and kick her legs. She loves music and she could kick those little legs for ever to the right tunes. She loves her play mat and will often lie there content for nearly an hour, kicking her legs and listening to her star play classical music. Sometimes our cats join her....

She also went into our pool for the first time the other day and she loved hugging mamma while floating in the warm water and looking at the trees. It was a beautiful sunny day in our yard, the water was warm and the birds were singing.....heaven for momma and babe

We have also been doing lots of hiking, Calire loves to be in her sling and out in nature. Check out this 500 year old tree we saw!!!!!

Oh yah and guess what? I died my hair PINK!!!!! What do you think?

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