Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Silly Faces

Because Gratitude is the Best Attitude...

Things have been a little cray on our end these days. I admit I have WAY to much on my plate: 
  • Ive been hired to design a website for a local business
  • I'm organizing a Bridal Shower for one of my best friends
  • also organizing a craft night for the same wedding
  • maintaining this blog
  • working on a new logo/name for my Etsy shop
  • keeping the house clean and tidy
  • trying to excercise everyday to loose the baby weight
  • Oh yah and did I mention I HAVE A 2 MONTH OLD?! And she will not nap more then 20 minutes a time currently???
Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh Kami. Give it a rest already!  Sometimes I just have to stop all of the hussle and bussle and laugh. Laugh at my darling girls silly little face. So this week I am thankful for Claire and her funny faces and funny coo's.

It wont always be about babies and Claire....I will get back to the crafty goodness soon I promise. Thank you for reading, thank you for leaving your loving comments, and thank you for being you!


  1. I love your baby posts! She won't always be so tiny and precious, so write about her all you want while she's not throwing preteen tantrums and slamming the door to her room. :-) hugs, mama!

  2. Thanks doll! Glad to get the feedback....oh dear thank God I have lots of time before the door slamming starts!

  3. What a little character! She looks so much like Ry with that big grin on! XOXO cuz