Friday, May 27, 2011

Tutorial: Sew Your Own Lace Shirt

Hello everyone! I'm Kenzie from Strokes of Serendipity and I'm so happy to be a sponsor on Kami's blog this month! I have a really easy and quick DIY for you and I hope you all love it! 

You will need: 
- about one yard of fabric - I used lace for a breezy summer shirt. 
- scissors
- needle and thread or a sewing machine

Take your fabric and fold it in half so that the fold is on the top. 

Now take your fabric and fold again from left to right. The original fold should still be on top with another on the left. 

Cut the corner off where both folds meet. This will be your neck hole. You may want to make it large or small depending on the look you want. 

Unfold your fabric once so that it is still folded on the top. Now you're going to sew the sides leaving room for arm holes. I started sewing about 8 inches from the fold on top towards the open edge on the bottom.

It can be tighter or looser depending on the look you like. Just make sure that if you make it tighter, that the fabric is a little bit stretchy. I made mine pretty loose. 

And you're done! Easy right? 

I hope you enjoyed this super quick DIY! And feel free to stop by my blog to say hi!
♥ Kenzie

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  1. The best repurposing tute I've seen all week. Well done, now I just have to find some lace x

  2. ok that's super adorable! so easy to do and looks fantastic! thanks for sharing!