Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thankful Thursday

  • I am grateful for my silly husband who can make something as simple as a trip to Ikea into a grand adventure. He never fails to make me laugh and as I waddled behind him through the isles, watching him perform his best Ikea Kart Ballet for me I could just hear my little bugs voice in my ear...."Hehehehehe! Mamma, Pappa is so silly!" It melted my heart and in that moment I felt so full of love and joy. 
  • and thanks to the above Ikea trip the bugs room is now really coming together! Curtains, shelving units, dresser, and a diaper change station. There is still lots of work to do but it feels like a nursery now, not just a corner of the house we plunked some baby stuff in. Every time I walk into that room my heart swells and I get an excited fluttery feeling!
  • I am VERY thankful that I live in Canada and am able to not only start my Mat leave a month early, but also take a FULL YEAR of maternity leave. THANK YOU CANADA! Only two more days of work, including today, and then I am free to nest, rest, and putter until my bug gets here. SO EXCITED!
  • I am also grateful for my two best girlfriends and my mother-in-law who threw me the most fantabulous Baby Shower ever on the weekend! It was a lot of fun and I promise to do a post dedicated to just that very topic soon...Im just waiting for some pictures!
PS: Don't forget to enter the Virtual Baby Pool to enter for a chance to win 8 PRIZES just by guessing the weight/date/sex of my baby due June 4th.

A big hello to anyone stopping by from the lovely Ms Maxabella Loves! xo

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  1. Ikea Kart Ballet? Okay that's adorable! And a YEAR off?? Oh my gosh, that's incredible. Yay for you!!

    Also, can we vote more than once?
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  2. Yah the other Ikea shoppers weren't as impressed, but I sure was! LOL!

    Yup you sure can vote more then once, Top Baby Blogs you can click multiple times a day. But Circle of Moms, that is just one click per day....but click away love! The bug and I thank you!!! xxxooo

  3. Every time I push a cart I am tempted to do that :)