Saturday, May 7, 2011

Count Your Blessings

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As I eagerly count down the hours until I can get my next ultrasound scan to see if my placenta has moved and I will be able to birth vaginally I count my blessings. Although I am devastated at even the thought of having a planned cesarean the basic fact is that if my placenta is in the way, and I birth vaginally I could hemorrhage...and this is one of the leading causes of maternal death. I am LUCKY to live in a country that has the technology to detect such a problem before labor begins. That is able to offer me and my child options that will protect both of our lives. So many women do not have this option.And so, I count my blessings.

I am very inspired by Christy Turlington and the work she has done to raise awareness on maternal mortality rates with her documentary "No Woman No Cry". After the birth of her daughter she experienced a life threatening complication: post partum hemorrhage. She realized how lucky and blessed she was to have access to basic medical care, and dedicated herself to shinning a light on all the women in the world that do not. Every 90 seconds a woman dies from pregnancy complications...this is nothing short of tragic. The film is not yet available here in Canada, but it is in the states and I would encourage you all to watch it!!!  I will be the minute it airs here!

For now here is the trailer and an interview with Christy Turlington:

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  1. Bless you hun. It will all be magical an fantastic x Great post