Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

So I had noooooo idea what to blog about today, complete prego brain fart. Fresh outta ideas and running on I thought I would try a "what I wore post" on for size. Lots of other bloggers do them, and well...frankly I felt cute today! Please forgive the quality of the photos, my photo assistant a.k.a. hubz wasn't quite awake this morning, but we did the best we could. What do you think? Is this a regular feature you would like to see? Or are you tired of the "what I wore" blog themes? Feedback appreciated. Now here we go, what I wore!

So I am officially into the full blown "maternity" clothes now. No more cheating with longer waisted shirts and low rise pants....I am simply to jammed full of baby! Sadly I also live in the same pair of yoga pants day in day out....nothing else fits me! But at least they are black and go with everything!

Weird how in some shots my belly looks small for 34 weeks, and then in others I look HUGE! See below

I think this is also partly due to camera angle, as I said the hubz wasnt quite awake this morning.
Kami: "Oh my God dont take it from down there, you will make me look huge!"
Ryan: "What are you talking baout, you will look the size you are"
Kami: "No, no I will me. Let me see the picture....oh my God Ryan you are SO not awake yet are you?"
Ryan: "No, Im really not" as he hands me back the camera

I love this empire waist maternity shirt, my BFF handed it down to me and it is so dang comfy! And cute, I love the detailing on it. Ryan loves how it makes my boobs look huge.

I'm also wearing a set of the hair pins I recently made and decided to keep for myself....but I made a second pair and listed them not too worry! I gotta say, not to toot my own horn too much, but these hair pins are great! They slide in easily and hold A LOT of hair, and I have thick hair!!!

So there you have it. My very first what I wore post....I popped my fashion cherry. As you can see I am not much of a gussy gal, but I do like to look cute!

Peace, love, and pickles

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  1. You look very pretty :-) I wish I looked as good as you when I was preggo!

    I actually quite like the 'What I Wore' post, I may try it myself next Wednesday... because I look a state today ;)


  2. aww thanks lovely! Although I just realized you cant even see my face in these lol!! I am sure you looked lovely while prego, pregnancy is beautiful! But yes, we all have those "uber prego" days where nothing but sweats and slippers will do, skin looks, grey, eyes are tired, and your hair is a mess....that was me last night watching the hockey game! LOL!!!

  3. I would wear that shirt even if it is maternity! I love it, you look hot!

  4. Super cute shirt! I want it! :D

  5. thanks ladies! This shirt will also be a god send as I am working on loosing the baby weight! Empire waists are so thankfully forgiving :)

  6. I'm not really into the "What I Wore" posts, but I did enjoy these pictures because of your pregnant belly. In there is a little precious baby, it's magical! And I love your hairpins!

  7. hi! stopping by from Home is Where We Love's Happy Hour! you are adorable! congratulations on your pregnancy! how exciting!!! i wish you the very best and a healthy delivery when it's time :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams