Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday

First off I would like to thank you for the kind comments on last weeks post. I am feeling better about the whole situation this week and am no longer obsessing on the issue. My placenta will either move, or not move...I don't have much say in the matter and my midwife is by my side the whole way. I am still praying for a natural birth, and if you feel so inclined say a lil something to who/whatever you believe in for the bug and I.

This week I am thankful for many things, but the biggest thing by far is my husband quitting smoking! Even with a chronic lung condition, the crazy man still smoked! He has tried to quit no less then 20 times, and always failed....but now he has some pretty big incentive to quit:

Other reasons to be thankful include:

  • the fact that my entire house smells like bacon right now.....mmmmmm.....bacon. the hubz is cooking perogies for dinner
  • discovering Nag Champa incense again, it is DEVINE! Mind you it is kind of competing with the bacon right now, and the mix isn't the greatest. I am cheering for team bacon
  • puppy dog time! I got to spend a day in the sun with my Aunts 10 month old Lab/Rottweiler Shady and she always brightens my day and makes me smile. She also pees herself every time she sees me and licks my belly non stop....I think she knows Im prego lol!

    • I want to thank, no WORSHIP whoever invented the Bopy Total Body Pillow! I have resisted buying a pregnancy pillow this entire time, but after two nights in a row of less then 3 hours sleep I had to admit defeat. THE SMARTEST CHOICE IVE MADE IN WEEKS! I finally slept and was able to be comfortable! Can I get an AMEN!?
    • Last but not least I have met some amazing bloggers/crafters in the past few months and thanks to their generosity I have a HUGE giveaway coming to the blog Friday and I am so SO SO thankful for each item that was donated and for the bloggers that are participating. I CAN'T WAIT!!!
      What are you thankful for this week? 

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      1. Yay! For your husband's quitting smoking!!

      2. I know right!? So happy!!!! Here is hoping it sticks this time! But a baby is pretty damn good motivation :) Now we just gotta work on the other family memebers

      3. Hi Kami
        I know it may seem a cliche, but the truth is that YOU can make amazing things happen by maintaining a postive mind set. You are clearly a fantastic mother already, and you are putting faith in your body- not in the hands of someone else. I had a c-section with my first, and was determinded to have a home-birth with my second. I did. Although, whatever happens- as long as YOU are in controll, and YOU make the decisions, everything will be beautiful. I will meditate on baba for you xxx
        Well done Hubby! that is brilliant.

      4. Thanks Jo, you are such a sweetheart! Your kind words mean a lot to me xo

      5. yay for your hubby! and omyword perogies........yummmmmmm.....

      6. That's brilliant news, Kamika. I wish him all the best. It's such a tough thing to do (she says from experience!) Just remind him that he doesn't want to be a smoking parent. Nothing worse, really.

        YOu are right not to stress about something that you have no control of whatsoever. This really is a case of 'what will be, will be'.

        Thanks for linking up today. I would love a link back somewhere in your post just to keep the blog hop hoppy.


      7. just now reading the update about the natural birth situation. I am sending positiver thoughts your way lady. but as you stated... no matter what it will be awesome!! XOXOX

      8. I love this list of gratefulness! I just read it out loud to my sister as I grinned from ear to ear.

        Thanks for sharing and glad I found you via blog hop :)