Friday, April 15, 2011

Ultrasound Picture!!! Say Hello to "The Bug!"

I didn't post one of these earlier because we didn't get a very good shot at our first ultrasound session. The other day I had to go back for a second one to do some measurements that they weren't able to do and to check on a couple things (I will blog about this more later). I didn't mind having to go back though  because I was hoping I would leave with a cute profile shot of my bug, and I did! It was sooooooo cool to see how big and developed my little one is now! The bug is growing along at a perfect rate and has the cutest profile I ever did see! Not that I am biased or anything...but I mean come on! Look at that nose! It's perfect. Gets that from Pappa!! Thank God the kid doesn't have my honker!

Oh my dear lil bug I love you so very much. You are rolling and squirming and wiggling away lately and I love every moment of it. I truly do love being pregnant and your momma is becoming quite the self-proclaimed "birth junkie" reading everything she can.

Only 7 more weeks to go my love....


  1. Aw, too cute! What a great capture they got :)

  2. I was pretty happy with it!! :)

  3. awe sooooo adorable love the photo!

  4. Yay they were able to get a good picture! So sweet >_<