Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday

 Because gratitude is the best attitude.....

Time once again to count my blessings and list off what I am grateful for this week. It truly is a beautiful addition to my life, this wee little list of happiness! This week I am thankful for:

  • Pampering pedicures (with non-toxic polish!) and prego massages! Ryan and I agreed that since I hadn't had a single "diva" moment this whole pregnancy, no 2 am food cravings runs, no hormonal screaming meltdowns, nadda....ok some cranky days but hello! I am growing a HUMAN! At any rate I felt at 32 weeks it was ok for me to take a diva-time-out and treat myself to a pedicure and massage. SO WORTH IT!

  • Yummy nummy meatless meat tacos! I so rarely take the time to cook myself a nice sit down meal, I hate cooking for one. But the bug kicked me and reminded mommy that she is not eating for one anymore, she is eating for 1 and 3/4's now!! So I took the time to make myself a fun meal! I love loading a taco sky high with ingredients and chowing down! These were uber healthy too with a tofu/bean protein ground, no sour cream, tarragon, diced celery, and red peppers instead of useless iceberg lettuce and organic salsa! NOM! NOM!

  • But the thing I am MOST grateful for is that RYAN IS HOME! After one week in NYC my baby is back home where he belongs and I couldn't be happier! I missed his dimples, his eyes, his cuddles, his kisses, and his smell! I MISSED HIM! And I mean come on, look at this face! How could I not miss waking up to it?

I am also super grateful for my fabulous April sponsors. I have had so much fun working with these girls so far, and there is more fun in store for this month! Don't forget to enter the contest to win this tiger print clutch, and while you are here check out LeeLee's etsy shop and use the coupon code KAMIKA11 to save 15% off anything that catches your eye.

PS: Did you see the Easter Shop Update I did yesterday? Three super cute Easter colored Bam-Bambis are looking for homes and Easter baskets to fill! Still plenty of time to ship and rush shipping is available too, just ask
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  1. Good for you getting all that pampering! All that money you saved on ice cream and pickles paid for it, right? :D For me it was always Spaghetti Sauce. I wanted to pour it in a glass and drink it. (I didn't, just so you know)
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  2. Just saw your little write up on Violet Bella, and got SO EXCITED to see another British Columbian in the blogger world :) I am just across the water from you on Vancouver Island. Looking forward to scoping out your blog (when I am NOT supposed to be studying for a test...)

    -- Jordan

  3. Yippy! Nice to meet you fellow BC'r!!!!!! Now go study! LOL! Good luck :)

  4. That little bambi is too cute! Lovely toes BTW - and you are entitled to as many preggy diva moments as you like!

  5. What a wonderful way to spend your week, getting all that pampering and then the best bit of getting your man back in your arms again!