Monday, April 4, 2011

Motherhood Monday: 31 Weeks

Today I am 31 weeks pregnant. This week brings lots of fatigue, I am tired guys! Wow, like really tired, the smallest tasks can poop me out. Its getting really hard to concentrate and focus at work. My job requires A LOT of multi-tasking: booking appointments, answering the phone, handling walk-ins, scheduling the Doctors, maintaining, creating, and updating charts, ordering supplies, cleaning, writing the I said a lot of multi-tasking. By the end of last week I was EXHAUSTED and praising the heavens that it was Friday! It doesn't help that I come home and work on my blog, facebook page, etsy shop, twitter, read all I can about natural labor, pregnancy and newborn care. As my dear friend Chelsea said, "where do you find all the time??" I honestly don't know myself, lol!

Aside from being tired I am still feeling pretty good. I have the typical heartburn and achy hips, but really I cant complain. My lil bug is so very good to me, thank you bug! Today Ryan and I got to get some "practice" baby time in. We met my friends 8 week old son Theo. It was so cool to hold a baby and feel my baby moving inside me! It just felt so deliciously natural, real, and wonderful. I looked down at the baby in my arms and thought to myself "I am ready for this. I am looking forward to meeting my bug and being a mom"

Theo has this really cute smirk he does that kinda makes me think of the Fonz from Happy Days

Watching Ryan pace the living room, rocking Theo as he got fussy made my heart swell with pride and love. I think when I see him do the same for our bub my heart will just BURST with joy!

Dear Bug, only 9 more weeks to go and I cant wait to meet you! I love you already. Fully, unconditionally, truly and madly. My heart if yours.

PS: If you want to see the sweetest thing EVER head over to this blog and watch as Violet announces the name of her bub to be. It was so sweet it made me cry!

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  1. I hope you feel better! It will be so worth it in the end :)

    Thanks for sharing the video--what a wonderful way to share the baby's name. Loved it!

  2. It'll go by before you know it and you'll be holding your little baby bug in your arms. And when you do, you will completely forget how miserable you were during parts of pregnancy and anything bad about labor. Holding your new baby will literally take every thought out of your head and you will be in happy mommy land! :)

  3. Your picture made me melt. Those days of anticipation are precious. I hope you get some time off to relax (maybe a sick day?). Take care of yourself and your little one.
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  4. awe! fun practice time! adorable lil guy! You and Ryan are going to be super great parents! Can't wait to meet your lil bug too!

  5. Thanks for the support ladies. Had an AWESOME long sleep last night and that helped a lot! The bugs foot is now stuck in my ribcage is hoping the kid yanks it out before bed tonight!

  6. Aww, that is so sweet - I had a wee tear in my eye there! Seems so long ago when it was me, although it's only a year. You make sure you put your feet up and try to get some rest soon, afternoon naps are fabulous when you are past the 30 week mark, so try and make the most of it ;o)