Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Daydreaming of Spring

Slowly but surely spring is starting to show here in rainy Vancouver, the daffodils are out and the cherry trees are heavy with pink blossoms. I really need to start prepping my raised beds for my vegetable garden this year, but a 31 week pregnant belly kind of gets in the way of all the bending, digging, and weeding needed. That and the hubz just flew out for NYC this morning, so I am limited with what I can do on my own....but I can day dream!

I love to garden, and I hope to share that love with my child. I picture me sitting in the shade of our big maple tree nursing the bug as I watch the bees buzz around and pollinate my tomato plants. Le sigh, its dreamy and I can't wait! First things first though I have to prep my soil, and I will need hubz help for that. As every good organic gardener knows "Feed the soil, not the plant". Good, dark, rich, healthy soil that is well fed with organic compost mix or well rotted manure will mean health, happy and thriving plants!

Do any of you garden? If so what do you grow? I will be blogging much more about his in the coming weeks and sharing tips with you all as I go.


  1. I've been itching to garden also but my boyfriend has to fix up his backyard a bit before I get to do so.. I'm all about flowers, I can't wait to have some snapdragons out there!

  2. share pictures of your snap dragons when they bloom! I love spying on other peoples gardens :)