Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Styles

I spend waaaaaaay to much time online, its embarressing really! But I do find some pretty awesome photos that I find inspiring...

How gorgeous is this wedding dress! Screw a wedding, Id wear this for ANYTHING! This is my dream dress, SWOON!!!!

I love this photo! It reminds me of my lovely Capilano College Womens Collective crew. We did a topless photo shoot one day ona private beach. We just ran around giggling in our jeans, boobs hanging out in the sunshine, a la natural! It was liberating, bonding, and now we have some very special photos to look back on our youth when we are all old and grey. LOVE YOU GIRLS!

I wish I had a wall full of nooks like this in my house! I collect vintage teacups and they would look sooooo pretty out on display. I actually am going to do a post on them soon! I can't wait to show them to you all, some of them were my grandmothers

And remember kittens...mean people suck!


  1. aww I love that dress so so much. and I love how you had a topless photoshoot with your friends. haha that's so awesome. :) I just randomly came across your blog. <3

  2. glad to have you as a new reader! xo

  3. Such a gorgeous collection of images! that dress, wow.


  4. gasp! that dress is totally fabulous!!!

  5. Agreed. Mean people sure do suck...and the negative ones are simply a spinoff of those meanies...that's why it's all about sunshine and blue skies in my book :D It's all that SoCal smog that's gotten to me I think haha....Just found your blog hun, loving all your ink!


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  6. One day, I will own this dress!

  7. I'm glad you found my blog because in turn, I found yours! Such a cute blog. I love the last picture... mean people DO suck!