Monday, March 28, 2011

Motherhood Monday: 30 Weeks

I feel like I am in a final countdown or something, 30 weeks! WOW! Only 10 weeks left and I just know they are going to fly by in a blur! I feel like 30 weeks has! I can't believe in just over 2 months from now, I will be a mother. Responsible for a human being. A parent. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! FOR REAL? It still blows my mind, even with all the kicking and rolling and twisting I have been feeling in my belly. The bug has been 'communicating' more lately, well what I guess is communicating. When it is too loud (music, movie, crowd) I get these pokes that turn to STABS! It starts out as a strong, solid, poke:

Driving in the car down to Seattle, with the music blaring...POKE. "Ow!? Huh, that was weird." Go back to singing along with the radio. 

5 minutes later JAB! "OW!! Ok what the hell are you doing in there kid, I mean seriously? Mommy needs her kidneys." 

Back to singing along with the music.....STAB! STAB! STAB! "OMFG Ryan, OWWWWW that hurt!!!!!!!" We turn down the music, and all is calm in bug land. Just some gentle taps. Geeeesh. 

Same thing happened two nights later at a very busy and loud restaurant, the JABS were so distracting it was hard to eat, every time I went to the bathroom to pee, the bug settled down. On the note of Seattle, I will do a full proper post later on all that we did and saw (it was a BLAST!) but I did want to mention one little thing....I DONT FLOAT! WTF????? With all this extra flubber and amniotic fluid you would think I would float like a hot damn! I was all excited to float and be weightless in the hotel pool. But no. I sunk. No floating for this fatso. But at least I looked cute in my bikini.

On the note of bikinis, well more the things that go in them....BOOBS! Holy moses I have them! Like as in WHAMMY I have got BOOOOOOBS! I am now a 38 freaking C, when Ryan started dating me I was a 34A. Sooooo he is pretty happy with this. I am too, now that I finally have proper fitting bras! C's are not meant to be shoved into B cups. Just sayin.

We of course did some bug shopping while down in Seattle and I will post those pictures today, since Mondays are all about babies and bellies! We bought my DREAM stroller: The Sola by Mama's and Papa's. So adjustable, so light. I LOVE IT!

I also got a diaper bag that I can proudly wear and not feel like I am actually wearing a diaper bag....sorry but I just dont jive with the uber obvious looking diaper bags. I dont see why they cant still be funky???? I found a messenger bag by Fossil that is made from a Mexican oil cloth type of fabric, convenient in that baby goop will wipe right off! It has an adorably whimsical birds in a cage pattern, is gender neutral, lots of pockets, and came with three matching mini cases that I can use for wipes, diapers and toys.

I also found a purrrrrfect crib set at Babies R Us, organic cotton too if you can believe it!!!? I am about to go take the sheets from the dryer and set up the crib and I am so excited. Once the room is a bit more pieced together I will post pictures....but for now I will say it is cream, chocolate brown, and pistachio green with grass and bunnies. LOVE! I run out of steam quickly these days and frankly the Seattle trip, as fun as it was, took a lot out of me! My feet are still swollen from all the walking I did so this here prego is going to do one last chore and then go cuddle with her katz, I missed them!

peace, love, and pickles


  1. Sounds like you guys had a good time!

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous in the brown dress and pretty little twinkling lights behind you. Glad you're home after such a nice baby-moon mini trip.

  3. sounds like the nursery is going to be gorgeous!!
    & I am seriously digging on the fabric of the diaper bag!!

  4. I will post nursery pictures as it starts to come together...its looking pretty darn cute!