Friday, March 4, 2011

A Peak Inside My World....Photo Post

I thought it might be fun to do a photo heavy post, all based on a peak inside my little world, to help you all get to know me better:

This is me. Kami, aka Kamika
This is my husband, Ryan. We have been together 
for 13 years, married for 3
Yup 13 years. We were each others dates to Prom. 
That is us in the middle
I love tattoos. So far I have 5 with plans for more
We live in North Vancouver, BC, Canada and were 
married in our own backyard
We have two fat, lazy and loving cats. This is Spitz.  She is 13 years old and my best bud. She spoons with me every night
And this is Baby Kitty. His name was supposed to be Rafiki. We used to sing a song to him when he was a kitten. "Baby Kitty"  were the only words....and well it stuck and that was all he would answer to. He is kind of 'special'
Ryan and I love to throw house parties and they tend to get fairly sloppy and epic. There has been some good ones over the years
The first annual "Merry F'ng Ho Ho House Party"

My 29th"Pretty Woman" themed  birthday BLOWOUT....NOM! NOM! NOM!
Sex and the City Ladies Night a la Kamika. It was a dress up event, I was Samantha
 But all of that is about to change because we are expecting 
our first child this June
Proudly showing off my 26 week bump

So true. So true. Saw this while traveling in Bali
Now for some random fun facts about Ryan and I! 
First off we LOVE all things Japanese
I absolutely LOVE to take photos. I always have a camera in hand
We love to go camping, and I always insist we speak like pirates YAR! And fly our flag. TEAM YAR!
I love horses, but am too scared to ride them...
We love to travel. Last year we spent 2 magical months in Bali
Oh yah, and I am kinda obsessed with felt...


  1. The wedding photo is simply gorgeous! You're so beautiful!

  2. I think I love you! Love the tats and gratz on the bun in the oven! Love your blog.


    BTW, found you on FTLOB

  3. These photos are fantastic! Especially love the one of you two on your wedding day.

    Have a great weekend! :]

  4. Haha what a huge... stack of felt. LOVE it :-)

  5. YOU are adorable! Love that ink! I have a stack of felt that looks exactly like that. I LOVE me some felt too :)

  6. Gorgeous stuff...really loved looking at all those photos and reading your little snippets. You live in an amazing part of the world - I love Vancouver


  7. you're beautiful lady.... love that wedding photo :)

  8. So important to share. Love it