Monday, March 21, 2011

Motherhood Monday: 29 Weeks

I love my big fat belly! Have I told you all that lately? L-O-V-E it!!!! Yah sure sometimes its awkard, ok so most of the time it is awkward. The skin is getting really tight, the kicks to the kidneys kinda suck, but I AM SO ROUND! ROOOOOOUND! I love it and feel so feminine, soft, curvy, delicious! ZAFTIG! For those of you that dont know zaftig is a yiddish word that celebrates the soft, round, curvy, voluptuous female body. I mean how awesome is that? Marylin Monroe aint got nothing on my zaftig-ness!

So my growing belly has me feeling all earth-mamma hippy dippy and I have been watching videos on youtube of pregnant women belly dancing. I used to love belly dancing, and now that I have some curves to shimmy and shake I am really wanting to get back into it.I think I may just have to.....

Maybe....just maybe....I will upload a video for you to all giggle at my shimmying baby belly :) Other then my growing roundness I am still feeling pretty good these days, tired, but good. I can't wait until Friday because the hubz and I are taking off for a mini-road trip to Seattle! It's our babymoon, one last wild and fun romp before the bug is born. We've rented a hotel for the weekend and I made damn sure it was one with a pool so that el prego here could float in sheer bliss. We're going to shop for baby stuff, eat lots of food and of course check out Pike Place Market. I havent been to Seattle since I was 11 years old, any recommendations? Good places to eat? Funky kids stores we should check out?

I am going to keep this post short and sweet as the hubz just got home yesterday from a 10 day business trip, and we have a lot of cuddling to catch up on! He is currently sitting beside me and poking me with his finger to stop and come cuddle.

More of a proper update will follow next Monday kittens

Peace, love and pickles!


  1. oh wow your belly is gorgeous! can't wait to see you belly dancin' super good idea.

    Seattle will rock! have a blast~

  2. you and hubz are so cute!! love the belly!!

  3. you look beautiful <3 makes me miss being pregnant!!!

  4. I can't stand it. You are adorable. I want to do belly dancing when I am pregnant again as well. Her skirt is beeeeeautiful! I want it! :)

  5. You are SO beautiful! I posted about the goodies you sent me today <3