Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Ink: Pixie Polly

Hello my lovelies! Welcome back. I noticed that I recently got a wave of new readers and I am so happy you are all leaving comments and introducing yourselves! I love getting to know you all. In case you just started following, Saturday's are all about ink over here on Searching for Serendipity. And today I have a particularly lovely lady to intoduce you all too: Polly of Pixie Mama! Polly is a crafty, tattooed, blogging, mommy of 3 living in North Wales. Lets get to know her a bit better shall we?

1) How Many tattoos do you have and what are they of? 

Currently I have 14 tattoos. I have 4 birds - 2 on my chest and 2 on my back, a giraffe, a Little Mermaid inspired fairy, a manga-esq girl, a sun, 2 characters from Tim Burtons 'The Melancholy Tale of Oyster Boy' book - Pin Cushion Queen and Voodoo Girl, a rose and dagger (one of the first I had done and will be covered up one day!) ,a geisha girl, the RHCP symbol and a woman resting against a tree on my back.

2) Where did you get them done, who was the tattoo artists?

The rose and dagger, along with 2 other tattoos that have since been covered up were done at the Blue Banana in Lincoln, UK about 12 years ago. I can't remember the guys name for the life of me! Everything else has been done in the last 4 years, by our friend Sean here in Wrexham.

3) Did you enjoy the process?

I love getting tatooed! Really, after the initial minute of adjustment when the needle first touches skin, I love it. I zone out, the whirring of the tattoo gun soothes me. I love the whole process and once a session is finished I'm itching to get on with the next!

That said - the tattoo that is on my lower back of a woman against a tree was the worst experience I've had. I wasn't pysched up for any pain from it, and the second the needle hit my skin, the nerves in my back twitched and I jumped. After that I was so scared of jumping again and the needle drawing a line right across my back that I was hugging the chair so hard I had friction burn on my arms! Those 2 hours were some of the worst of my life! Hence why the tattoo hasn't been coloured in yet!

4) Why did you get your tattoos? What stories do they tell, what do they represent to you?

The first 3 tattoos I got (rose and dagger, a chinese symbol and a dragon) were impulse tattoos - not really thought out, and they had no special meaning. That is why 2 have already been covered up and the last one will be soon!!

I have 4 birds (so far....) because I am crazy about birds! I love the idea of being able to fly away, looking down on the world. A romantic notion of freedom... they inspire me to spread my wings and not be stuck in one place. The lady on my back represents my love of nature and my inner hippie-ness. The various tattoos on my arms are simply picutres that I love deeply... tattoos to me that tell of a moment in my life. I can see me looking back when I am old and grey and seeing memories in my tattoos. The RHCP symbol on my wrist I got with my husband to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.

5) do you want to get more?

Most certainly! I have a folder full of ideas on my computer, and many sketches too! I want some more birds, and owls and a russian doll. But first I want to finish the Geisha girl on my arm, colour her in and add some detail behind to fill the space!

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  1. Awesome tattoos! I love the birds on her back, very cool!

  2. super sweet & pretty Polly!! I love the 2nd to last photo... so much happiness in that smile.

  3. Thanks for having me Kami :)

    Those birds on my back I love so much!!!

  4. Interesting to see your tattoos Polly! I didn't realise you had so many! :) Love the giraffe!! xx

    Great feature Kam! :) x

  5. I'm stopping by from Where We Love. Glad I happened to come over when you have this post up! Polly looks beautiful! I love my tattoo and I've been working hard to plan out a bigger piece on my back. Love to see tattooed mommies featured!

  6. It is a great smile isnt it!? And yes, tattoed mommies are the bomb ;) but I'm not biased or anything lol