Saturday, November 16, 2013

What is Placenta Encapsulation?

Are your curious about placenta encapsulation, but not sure if it is for you? This page should answer any question you may have, and hopefully expose you to some new ideas too! The placenta is truly a marvelous thing, indeed it truly is a  miracle that the pregnant womans body grows an entirely new organ to support her and baby! The placenta is responsible for feeding, nourishing, and protecting baby while it is in utero, it is also a comforting womb-mate for baby who listens to the whoooshing sound of blood passing through it. Its no wonder so may new babies find white noise to be so soothing! The placenta also produces many hormones essential to a healthy pregnancy, mom, and baby. When a woman chooses to encapsulate her placenta she is reintroducing those hormones along with iron and many other essential nutrients back into her body. Some of the reported benefits of placenta encapsulation include (but are not limited to):

  • increase milk supply
  • fight fatigue
  • regulate moods/emotions
  • speed up recovery time
  • boost iron levels
  • shortened the time of post birth bleeding
  • restore balance to the body/mind

I am a fully trained, Canadian based, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist through Full Circle Placenta, located in the Fraser Valley and servicing Vancouver, Burnaby, New West, Surrey, Langley and other areas. I have obtained my Blood Born Pathogens certification with OSHA, and have taken the Canadian Food Safe training. Your placenta is a sacred vessel, and I will treat is as such from start to finish while practicing strict sanitization methods. After birth the womans body is very tired and taxed, it is cold and the energy is stagnant. It is for this reason that I prefer to use the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of preparation where the placenta is given a bath to cleanse off excess blood, lightly steamed to reintroduce warmth to the placenta, and then dehydrated before being ground into a powder and finally encapsulated. Consuming your placenta when it is prepared in this method helps to warm and tonify the mothers body, reintroducing yang energy and balancing her Chi (life force energy). I believe in a balance between the science and the spiritual, this method allows the mother to get the benefits of her placentas nutrients and also heals her on an energetic level as well. I do also offer the Raw Foods Method, please contact me for more information.

Basic service includes preparation and encapsulation of your placenta, pick up and delivery, a placenta art print, and a dream catcher cord keeps sake for $200. Additional services are listed below:

Deluxe TCM Service: in addition to the preparation and encapsulation of your placenta you will receive a personal phone consult with Dr. Chen of Bellevue Natural Health Clinic to determine what Chinese Herbs are best suited to you and your bodies needs. These herbs will be added to your placenta capsules to boost the healing properties of your placenta remedy for both your physical and emotional needs. (please allow additional time for your placenta pills to be completed in order for me to properly consult with Dr. Chen)

 Basic Placenta Tincture: ideal for use later in life, during menopause, or even when you run out of pills. Many mothers choose to save their placenta tincture for when their daughters first enter puberty to ease them through the transition Herbal Placenta Tincture: a herbal consult is done to choose what to add to your placenta tincture to enhance its healing capabilities 

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