Monday, November 18, 2013

How to Create a Routine Chart for Toddlers!

I recently attended a Positive Discipline Workshop as taught by Sarah Joseph of Prenatal to Parenting, and one of the simplest things I learned is that toddlers DO NOT have a sense of time. How can they? For them life is a series of moments, interactions, activities....not governed by the hands on clock. Around the time of this workshop Claire was in her first ballet class series, and one morning she just would not get ready. So I left her clothes beside her and told her when she was ready to get dressed, I was there to help her, but if she didn't get dressed soon we would not make it to ballet class. Not wanting to fight with her I went to go finish my coffee in peace and take a few deep breaths. Well it worked great in that we both calmed down without getting into a battle of wills, but of course we didn't make it to ballet on time. 

So with a clear day ahead of us we went to Michaels and I bought some poster board and a big book of stickers with the theme of "my day". When Claire was in bed that night I created our very first Routine here to read the rest of my guest post over on Prenatal to Parenting!

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