Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meal Time Battles

Claire has always been a good eater, chowing down on pretty much anything we put in front of her from 6 months on. Until last month. Suddenly she was picky. Suddenly her favorite meals were not her favorites anymore. Yes yes I know, toddlers, they can be like this. Yet something told me she wanted the food, something was just wrong. She wasn't sleeping well, waking up hungry at night and I was bleary eye from twilight feedings. Then TA DA! It clicked. Claire isn't a picky eater, at all. Claire just doesn't like MEALS. She likes snacks. So we took some of her favorite meals and broke them down into simple parts, serving her a bento box style dinner, essentially the same meal but just separated into its components. Suddenly she ate! EVERYTHING! And she slept, through the night again! So if you are going through an odd and sudden picky phase with your toddler why not give this a try, heck we moms will try anything right?! And honestly...making bento style meals is fun! This was Claire's dinner last night, and she ate every single bite

Rather then giving her a pitta sandwich with hummus and lettuce, edamame/avocado guacamole, and apple slices for dessert.....I served her pitta strips, romaine lettuce hearts for dipping in the hummus, steamed edamame, avocado chunks with some lime juice on it and of course her apple slices! YUMO!

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  1. That's how Roman is, too! I have these cafeteria style trays that i got from target years ago and he loves eating from them. I do the same thing... he wont take a sandwich and eat it (unless, of course, it's MY sandwich and he wants a bite!), but he'll eat bread and cheese and ham and avocado and pickle all in their own compartment!

    So happy that you found a way to get Clair excited about food again!